nemo tensor vs therm a rest neoair xlite

I find the Tensor has very little to no crinkle.). Here is a review of the best sleeping pad I have ever owned. Lets say 1 is the worst, 2 is in the middle (or a tie) and 3 is the best of the 3.- Highest score wins. When you need more warmth, take a piece of the XLite, too, for more warmth than the Xtherm and a greater safety margin, too. I own the X-Therm and the X-Lite and camp year-round in the PNW. Great steal for the price. Here are some other similarities between the Neoair Xlite and the extra mattress: So if you’re deciding between taking a regular air mattress that you might have lying at home, and one of these backpacking mattresses from Thermarest – you’re better off picking the backpacking mattresses from Thermarest. For example, they both have a mummy shape. Ultra-Packable: Low-bulk materials make the XLite mattress an incredibly compact NeoAir mattress – as packable as a water bottle. We’re really excited about Therm-a-Rest’s new NeoAir UberLite which is yet another excellent product innovation from the most trusted name in sleeping pads. When it comes to warmth: Xtherm>>Tensor Alpine>Xlite>Tensor, When it comes to weight: Xlite<

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