eggless pound cake recipe without condensed milk

The cake is still cooling so I shall share it later but I am just so happy that I had to comment right away! Your recipe was amazing. If I want to add cocoa powder and nuts, how much can I add without changing the proportions of other ingredients. This easy eggless vanilla cake cupcakes recipe no condensed milk no butter is the best Eggless Vanilla Cake / Cupcakes recipe ever!! Thanks anyways ? So the cake becomes light and airy after baking. !If you like your cuppies moist , light and fluffy as a cotton ball then this recipe is for you . Thaw over the counter for 30 minutes. For the baking powder substitute, you will use 1/4 teaspoon (1 gram) baking soda and 1/2 teaspoon (2.5 grams) lemon juice or ¼ cup of molasses with ¼ teaspoon of baking soda., Hello Aditi , I am sorry this happened. I m ok with this particular recipe…but i prefer cooking with the healthier option of wheat flour or oats for the kids. (7”) cake tin with melted butter, dust it with plain flour … I was wondering if I can replace vanilla essence with pineapple essence and can I put small pineapple pieces in cake batter? Before inverting the cake, did you loosen the sides. Will keep trying ur recipe till I make perfect cupcakes. But in the end, I am so glad I found your recipe. Then open the wrap, decorate or not. act quickly once the batter is mixed because the leavening agents start reacting as soon as they come in contact with something acidic – here its yogurt. This was it. Hi Sushma , Is there a reason for baking at 150 deg C? Dust it with flour before you fold it with the batter. Yes, you can Astha. Thank you. Remove the pan from oven and allow it to cook completely. And where can we get it ? It would be very helpful if you could update the same recipe in grams……thanks a lot…. Do give them a try. ; Thanks a lot in advance. Pl help me… Make a smooth batter. Can I make caramel cake with this recipe by replacing white sugar with brown sugar and adding caramel sauce to batter. You will have to make changes . The cup cakes came out super soft. Your all recipe I ve tried, it’s yum mouthwatering! Hi Khushboo, wonderful and easy recipe. It was sticky from inside too. I agree to receive email updates and promotions. Hi khushboo 3. After about 15-20 minutes, remove cake from the pan.. A perfect tea- time soft and fluffy eggless pound cake recipe!! Do try other bakes too. Hi Linda, you may use any store-bought plain original ( not flavored) yogurt. I have baked 2 so far and both the cakes raised beautifully in the oven but went flat in the center after I took them out. Thankyou soo much for the recipe. Also at step 6 (presented with image), do I use cut and fold method or whipping attachment only as at many places I have read that at the end stage it is better to combine wet and dry ingredients by cut and fold method rather than whipping. Hey khushboo, Not fully. Shazia You may use 1/3 cup oil . I now want to try on lemon cupcakes. Tried this today and it comes out beautifull. To serve them as muffins, Of course Richa , feel free to use your favorite add ons and toppings . I have replaced it with oil and used some butter essence resulting into moist cupcakes even after 2 days. This easy eggless vanilla cake cupcakes recipe no condensed milk no butter is the best Eggless Vanilla Cake / Cupcakes recipe ever!! Thanks in advance . Omg just too good . B. It all depends on oven to oven and make sure that the sugar is completely dissolved in the liquid. the temp 160 deg C for fan oven . Yes No No Preference. Or Alternately grease and line with a butter paper. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I am very new into baking. 19,364 suggested recipes. Try this one. Learn how your comment data is processed. Thank you for your feedback Rashmi. Both have turned out awesome.. Ur chocolate cake recipe is my fav. Thanks again Khushboo! Hey Thanx for the recipe..I have a query..I hvnt tried this recipe yet but have tried almost same cake never comes out turns brown every time..what am I doing wrong? Nice cake recipe. Is it because of the curd and oil? Thanks !! Hi, i use this recipe anf it works like magic each time. I do recommend whole milk for this recipe. I love my warm cuppies with a scoop of ice cream too. I haven’t weighed the final product yet . Hello Khushbo, I have made this cake many times and it has turned out to be perfect every time. Thank you. And here your query is absolutely opposite . Recipe adapted from here. Hi, cross section of the cupcake – see how fluffy and nice it looks . You may double the recipe and works well without any changes . Keep baking keep rocking. No worries Khushboo! Last updated Dec 18, 2020. I love this recipe so much! Tried ur recipe twice already, but the same problem. Double the recipe with cooking time 35-40 minutes. I stock it up from online and in store both. I tried this recipe yesterday . I have lot of established bakers using this recipe and sending me thank you notes . I use organic unsalted butter for buttercream. What might be the reason? Hello Jai, Cakes cracking isn’t an issue as such. We couldn’t even wait for them to completely cool. I will be doing butterscotch cake next month . Doesn’t matter if its a   hand held or a stand mixer – both will give you same results. Hello, have you tried this recipe with a 1:1 gluten free flour? Could U please help me with the recipe in grams? And do revert after experimenting. Ahhhsom!! Add salt and mix to combine. You can use maida aka all purpose flour in same quantitiy. Some other eggless bakes and cakes available on blog. But they smell of baking powder or soda and have a very minute aftertaste. Please reply thanks. Pound Cake Recipes ... Grandma's Eggless, Butterless, Milkless Cake Grandma's Eggless, Butterless, Milkless Cake. It should fluff up well after baking. Well this recipe, eggless Vanilla pound cake has all the different proportions but is still super moist and a delicious cake!! I don’t use it nowadays, you may skip it. Very sorry Rakhi, this message was in my spam folder. Lastly, my cake gets cooked quickly at the top but inside it is still runny so please suggest a way which can help in ensuring that top layer does not get extremely crusty. Did you dust the choco chips with flour before adding or else they will tend to stick. So I have updated the same. Happy baking! I tried this recipe today and made rainbow cupcakes with them. What did i do wrong. Thank you for sharing such a great recipe.❤️. I wasn’t aware of that though? Reduced the sugar – this part was easy to crack resulting perfect sweetness. I have a vanilla cake recipe saved in my folders for approx 7 years now. Check out my tips on frosting a cake and storing on my salted caramel death by chocolate cake post. I mean…bakery cakes.. they use different ingredients ,non sticky cakes made by them…curd and buttermilk makes cake sticky…sponge cake made by bakers…i want to start a mini bakery at my home…pls help me out. Eggless chocolate cake . Thank you for your quick reply. Good luck ! 2. This chocolate cake is made of very simple ingredients which are easily available in most of the kitchens. Rucha , it’s not related to sifting , sticky top is not an issue as such, it means your cupcakes are moist from inside , however there are other reasons too – did you cool them on a cooling rack? Never used this setup earlier. Full fat or 2 % is fine. Tofu, a soybean product, acts as a thickening agent, yogurt makes the cake rich and moist and milk balances the density of the cake and adds flavor. Bhawana, vanilla cake top is not white, it will be a bit tan. Required fields are marked *. Hi..i was lookin for some eggless cupcakes receipes and i stumbled upon your blog and m glad i did it..i really lykd it.. I highly recommend using a kitchen scale to measure the ingredients of this recipe. You may use any granulated sugar. Increase liquid by 2 tablespoons and use 1 1/2 teaspoon baking powder instead of 1 1/8th teaspoons. Thx Khushboo. But I would love to have a brown top, actual vanilla cakes have a lovely brown top. Thanks khushboo good article with nice information?? Hii… I want to know can i add tutti fruity in this vanilla batter ? I am willing to try and experiment, but would be awesome to know if you’ve tried successfully! Made it twice this week with your cream cheese frosting. Hi Jai, I have not baked it in 10″ pan yet. Worked out great for me. How can I convert this into enough batter for 2 X 10inch cake pans? No you cannot , as it will change the balance between dry and wet ingredients. Was wondering what you thought. Hi Surbhi, that is called sweating of cupcakes. ½ teaspoon baking soda. It came out good and very soft it was difficult to take out from pan Good luck! I have a couple of queries! Also whenever you are using nuts , dust them with flour and then fold in the batter to avoid them sinking in the bottom . Baked at 180 degree (the working temperature for my egg based cupcakes). It makes two 6″ round cakes approx 2″ tall each, or one 8″ round cake – approx 3 ” tall, How long would you have to cook the 8inch round for? Thanks in advance. They turned out awesome! Sure Pooja, you can add your favorite chocolate chips or nuts to the cake. Tried the cupcakes today.. it was simply fabulous.. my 1 year old and 4 year old kids just couldn’t get enough of it… Looking forward to trying your chocolate cupcakes next week.. a little apprehensive of trying the whole wheat version though – any specific flour that you use ? Thank you for a lovely feedback . This will give you a tall cake. Hi Khushboo, I would love to publish it. Hello mam, I have a query how long can v store eggless cake with curd in it or dairy product without refrigerator, Your email address will not be published. Vegetarian and Vegan easy recipes on a budget. Hi MAhua , I have many basic frosting recipes on my blog. You might want to have a look at this link . Hi Khusboo, could i double the recipe to make 24, or would it be better to make in separate batches. Santhini ,glad you found what you were looking for . Hi It’s one of my favorite eggless vanilla cupcake recipe … So can you tell me what can be mistaken or how to make them spongy? Christmas is definitely incomplete without a plum cake. RECIPE DETAIL – This recipe is pretty straightforward – sift, mix the ingredients, bake and enjoy!! Thank you for a great feedback! Well this recipe, eggless Vanilla pound cake has all the different proportions but is still super moist and a delicious cake! Happy cooking!Do share it with the world!Thanks for stopping by. I refrigerate or freeze sponge before working with it. The finished cake after layering and frosting is 3″ in height. You could look up online . Hello Priya you can use a handheld whisk. Thanx for the prompt response…. wilton doll mold takes approx 2 times the batter, can remember as I had made it last year. All Rights Reserved. Here it is .. My search for soft eggless cake ended today. Melted butter can be used in place of oil - just skip salt, Instead of maida ( all-purpose flour)and white cornflour together  you can use 1 1/2 cup cake flour. (For example baking powder). Method For eggless vanilla cake using condensed milk. Do not sub it with melted butter. Tried tagging you on chef at large as I posted there and on euphoric delights too but was unable to tag you, Yes you may add a cup , maximum 1.5 cups . This one was shot by my previous point and shoot canon . Mine gets done at 14-5 minute mark for standard size cupcakes. All ingredients have to be at room temperature or not too cold including yogurt /curd. I could scrap it out, but still is there something I am doing wrong. Dear Khusboo, Thanks for the recipe again :)). I tried both cake and cupcakes and loved them all! Maybe need to change the oven ;)). … This is by far the best eggless recipe EVER! . Not sure if I should’ve sprayed Pam Instead or let it cool longer. I am so happy that you love this recipe Tina. I make them vegan too. thank you! But quantities mentioned were perfectly matched. Add 1 tablespoon of vinegar/ lemon juice to the recipe and use raw sugar. It should bake at 180 deg C and did the toothpick come out clean at 15 minute? And chocolate cake has milk and vinegar which is buttermilk . Hi instead of all purpose and cornstarch can I use cake flour in same quantity? love your recipes…have tried several and as rightly said they are no fail recipes…:) I tried your recipe with balck current frosting n it turned out awesome… i have tried so many cupcake recipes but the cupcaker liner never comes out so neat n perfect… as it turned out with ur recipe. Just add 1-2 tablespoon more water . Please suggest. And baking powder is 1 teaspoon plus a pinch that is half of 1/4 teaspoon . Hello Kritika, glad you liked the recipe. Dry measuring cups for dry ingredients and liquid measuring cup for liquids. Measurement of your 1 cup ? ? Thanks a lot for posting this one. im sure gonna try it. Mix it lightly . Hi Khushboo, I tried your recipe and it turned out great…just live the texture and taste. Try substituting cornflour with maida itself and compare the results. Yaa I know… And I tried your chocolate cake recipe in that mould. Oct 28, 2018 - Condensed Milk Pound Cake - A quick fix for sweet cravings, yes process all the ingredients in a food processor / mixer and bake it ! cream, vanilla extract, chocolate, condensed milk, sugar. Feb 19, 2016 - Eggless Orange Cake recipe without condensed milk,curd,butter-Using fresh Orange juice and vegetable oil. Hope it helped. If baking in one tin it takes way longer. I tried your recipe for cupcake, Cupcake was so fluffy and airy.I tried first time with yogurt,I was so happy with the outcome. And even without condensed milk (or egg) , this cake is moist and soft. I do that always. Alternatively you can use 50:50 oil and melted butter as fat. Hey Kavyaa , I haven’t used this oven but I hope to help you out here . They are less sugary , can be made savory too. I even use turbinado sugar too many a times. It was a great hit with the kids,they loved it!! Enjoy it with or without frosting. Thank you Valerie . The cake turned out so good.Thank you for the recipe.Can we add chocolate chips to the cake? If yes, could you Pls help me with the proportions.eager to make them for my lil niece who loves tauby cupcakes. May I know whether or not you have used liquid measuring cup for liquids and measured to the T? Khushboo…Pls mention weight of the ingredients…as my one cup measures 250ml… I want try this receipe…. Thank you for a lovely feedback. Eggless Cakes are not so easy to perfect. I made these cupcakes and added sprinkles to make it into a funfetti cake but some of the cupcakes (maybe 5 of them) caved in the middle. Wow Anu , that’s great. Hey kushboo Does it give you an option to turn off the top heating elements? By Khushboo 474 Comments September 8, 2015 August 6, 2018. Mostly eggless cake recipes use condensed milk (as a replacement of eggs) but I didn’t use condensed milk in this recipe. Moistness depends on the weather outside too . Pls tell me how many eggs would be required to replace curd in this recipe. This is an eggless cake and uses yogurt and baking soda as an egg substitute. 237 ml is one cup measure for dry ingredients that I have, you can use 240 ml one. But tried baking the cake in pan / cooker, it came out awesome!.. It doesn’t need any fancy ingredient. can u share a recipe for making 6 cupcakes.. i have dry cups only. I made vanilla cake.It turned out super soft.I used cooking/baking unsalted butter instead of oil ( same quantity as oil but it was not melted) N d way u have cleared doubts as to why u used where!! Hello, Hello Chitra, I have never weighed the cake after baking. is there any quantity in grams? Everyone devoured it Wish could share a glimpse with you. Does it typically run hot? However had some problem with the texture.. Not sure where I went wrong, had followed the recipe exactly as such. Are you looking for a quick and easy recipe? Happy to know that it turned out as you expected Sachi. Thank you for a lovely feedback . Would love to see the pictures. I am happy that you got great results here. Can’t wait to try other cake recipes. Yes Hema you can add in oreos to this cake without changing anything. Eggless Nutella stuffed cookies. I was not able to make such cake in the past. does this happen?? Whipping means incorporating air in the batter for fluffy spongy cakes. Your email address will not be published. But for about next half of teh batter I added 2 tbsps of cocoa powder and thought to make chocohe cupcales but got burnt in the 7th minute only. Most of the eggless cake recipes are prepared with condensed milk, but this recipe is prepared with curd and it was awesome and no butter is used. This search takes into account your taste preferences. It is called a “pound cake” because the original cake recipes used one pound of everything – eggs, butter, flour, sugar and the end result was a sinfully yummy pound cake. ?… I get queries for flatter looking cake and cupcakes. I read all the comments. can I use the egg beater attachment. Yes Ambika you can double or triple this recipe . The recipe calls for fresh coconut. First grease a loaf pan measuring 8.5 x 4.5 x 2.5 with oil or butter. Awesome DS. It might be silly, but I’m just a novice in baking. Yes you can , use tinned pineapples dusted in flour so that they do not sink to the bottom of the pan. Any tips you can share ? I am glad you liked the chocolate cake recipe. You always bake previous day and decorate next day. Eggless 7 minute chocolate microwavable cake. With easy steps nd detailed explanation .. Hey khushboo made vanilla cake yesterday .,.. one thing what i noticed is, cupcake liners were oily once i took out from oven , Once it cooled down( say 15min) I kept it in air tight box, but cake is still moist , soft even after 8 hrs, but too oily liners. I have always whipped my batter until lump free. Please understand the cake cracking on top is not a problem.. it is Nita Mehta’s recipe thought of letting u know if it helps. Hello Apple, the cake tastes great without frosting. Hi Khushbu, Powder was a typo, i used baking soda only. Will wait for you reply. Hi khushboo i don’t have blender with whipping attachment as u shown in the pic,i have blender with beating attachment so u strictly mentioned not to use this attachment,will it change the texture of the cake of i use this beating attachment, am very new to bakIng so am bit confused pls help me out. fill pan 3/4 full and dont forget to insert the rod which comes with the pan, Hii khushboo. mentioned in my chocolate cupcake post in details. Bhavika it’s 1 cup plus additional 5 tablespoons maida/ all purpose flour. Hi Khushboo, what would be the measurements if i want to bake just 4 cupcakes at a time.. pls suggest. We usually frost them on the top. can i use dry cups for both i.e. It just have to be well cooked from inside . YAY to the sweet success. It was a plus too that these cupcakes don’t require butter , they came out light ,moist n fluffy. Any tricks for the same plz. Hope you love them too. Hey Khushboo.. yes you can , I do it all the time for my son. PS: This cake uses no dairy, meaning no yogurt and no condensed milk. By far the best egg free recipe that I have tried. Surely will post it. did you do the toothpick test Rucha , was it cooked ? I tried it out with whole wheat flour and condensed milk. It is the time of cheer, love, happiness and some cake. Looking for eggless cookies – Oatmeal- raisin cookies, Cherry topped cookies, Tutti frutti cookies,Nan Khatai, Coconut cookies. I am happy that you adjusted the recipe to your liking. Thanks. 1. Can I make variations like prepare the same recipe but if I have to make cupcaked put some variations like Tutti Frooti, bluberry sauce,strawberry sauce for varying tastes. Thank you for a lovely feedback. You may put the batter in the fridge in the coolest section for up to 2 hours . Hello Istisha, You can get a white cake by using this recipe and whipped cream frosting. Thanks, Hi khusboo Turned out wonderful. i am wondering why a doll mold doesn’t have a center heating rod , I don’t know if rolled foil or metal skewer work, I have doll cake mould without stick….. for the awesome recipe…..i got a lot of praises for it…. Your blog is truly astounding. Thanks for replying back so early.I baked both eggless vanilla n chocolate cakes.Vanilla cake weighed a little less than 650 grams and chocolate around 750grams.Both came out well. Layer with whipped cream and homemade butterscotch . I love this recipe and it sure tastes delicious, thank you! As an Amazon affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Thanks a ton!! an easy & delicious orange cake recipe, simple recipe of eggless & vegan orange cake full of orange flavors & aroma. Plannjng to prepare a cake using this lovely recipe for my babys bday… sour cream will make cake taste very sour . Are you sure you followed the measures to the T. Sometimes it happens that we go overboard. In a bowl, sift one and a quarter cup of flour and powdered sugar then add condensed milk, 100 grams of soft butter, a teaspoon of vanilla essence, two teaspoons of vinegar, and half a cup of water. Taste was amazing perfect sweetness just one query it was brown from top which in turn made it hard from the top.. And use a rose pin or heating core in the center for even baking. And this recipe is for two 6 ” tins . Do a toothpick test and it should come out with few crumbs and not sticky batter. Delicious easy cake which taste so milky. (As white is more sweeter?). Celebrations are all about sharing the love and spreading the cheer around us. It’s a very nice and easy recipe.Would like to know how much does the final cake weighs after baking?Does the weight of all ingredients added up will remain same after baking?I am also planning to make your eggless chocolate cake recipe to make chocolate vanilla cake.Could you please tell weight of eggless chocolate cake as well? reduce yogurt by 1/4 cup and substitute it with milk . The tin i used was of 6 inch and yes the baking powder was also fresh. Wanna try these baking receipes. Have 2 quick question s..Y do V add corn flour in the recipe?? Brand doesn’t matter. Hey khusboo Best ever cupcake I tasted today. Sure Lavina , I will be again baking them next month and I will update the measures then. Basic Eggless Chocolate Cake Recipe without condensed milk with Video instructions. Hi I tried this and it tastes good. Believe me the cake had an eye catching golden brown color and was done within 35 mins. Please advice. The vanilla cupcakes came out good. Feb 3, 2019 - orange cake recipe with step by step photos. Hello Saroj, Did you add extra liquid with the cocoa too? Hi, this cake is very sturdy and works beautifully under fondant too. You need to cut it and level. want to post a pic..trying to locate it on your site. Hope you like it as much as we do. Hello Sonal, I am happy to know that both the basic recipes worked for you, have a nice day! I was looking for a basic sponge, eggless would be better cos everyone doesn’t eat egg and I love baking for friends and new ppl in life, so to be safe You can send me a picture on my facebook page message section. So second time I thought to reduce the temp n flame fir evenly baking. Love being here , don’t miss a single recipe- Subscribe now – it’s free and get every recipe in your inbox.Subscription box is on the home page and below every recipe post.If you have tried any of my recipes do drop in a feedback in the comment section or on my Facebook page carveyourcraving in messages section or tag me @carveyourcraving on instagram. Lot of leavening agents. Any reason why? I also added chocolate chips to it:) unfortunately can’t attach a picture:(. But request noted. So far, most of them have turned weird looking- too dry, too burnt, sunken in the centre, too sweet, too moist, too eggy, etc. . Thanks for the tip.I’ll definitely try. Thoroughly satisfied in my search for the best vanilla cc recipe ! This sounds great! But keep in mind the texture changes a bit whenever you use whole wheat. Can i turn this into a cake? Did you bake standard size cupcakes or mini ? Hi, can you please let me know if we can use powdered sugar and in what quantity instead of granulated sugar as the granules fail to dissolve when I have tried whipping it with butter or yogurt. My search for a perfect vanilla cake has ended. Last updated Dec 11, 2020 . how do i alter the flour measurement in ur recipe. Recipe for eggless vanilla cake without condensed milk : Ingredients. Hello Khushoo for this recipe is 1/2cup oil or 1/3cup oil It tastes divine thank you so so much again for sharing this wonderful recipe. Copyright ©2020, RuchisKitchen. Your cakes will soften on top once cooled . I really enjoy eggless baking as many of my family and friends are vegetarian and likes to avoid egg as well. Wet measuring cup for liquids and dry measuring cups for dry ones. These were spot on! Do try the recipe for eggless coconut cake as it is an eggless recipe for a delectable coconut cake. Did you prepare your pan , coated with oil, dusted and lined ? Valerie. I’m now going to try this in a cake mould. This is an eggless cake and uses yogurt and baking soda as an egg substitute. Was wondering is i can replace the apf to oats flour in these recipes (even in the chocolate cupcakes). Skip. The recipe in my folder has butter and maida and I am still looking to credit the original. Thanks a lot for the recipe. Sure , more coming soon! I’m now going to be a regular visitor to your blog. I truly love your style and the magnificent recipes! Did you check the effectiveness of your leaveners . The delailed recipe on it is on my blog! There has to be some way some setting to bake in gas burner oven . Basic Cookies recipe 5. The original recipe calls for butter . Namrata , at present I don’t have the measures for this one in grams. They were a bit dense ,perfect texture for a pound cake and not a cupcake. Khushboo , thanks for sharing d recipe.My cupcakes turned out yummy, though it was my first attempt.Even the chocolate cupcakes I tried were awesome. I have preheated the oven to 180 and kept the cup for 18 mins. Thank you for a lovely feedback. Would be great if U could help me with the same. How can I fix this ? This is my go to recipe for vanilla cupcake. Like many of you my search for a perfect recipe began online. Adding caramel sauce will make the cake texture sticky and dense. This is my first time seeing an eggless recipe which uses 1 cup of yogurt so it really made me think twice. Sounds good Chitra. I have been looking for a good versatile white cake eggless recipe for soooo long and I this one was so perfect, rose beautifully, flat top, tastes insanely good!!! do not over mix. My search headed me to an eggless vanilla cake recipe that used curd and baking soda. So decided to make few adjustments to the recipes which were on my like list. Hope it makes sense. Thanks a lot for the guidance Kushboo. I agree with you – waiting is hard .. Both pans are 3inches deep. Grease a 9 inch round cake pan with butter or spray with nonstick oil spray. I did not understand sneha , can you please elaborate . Take it out of the oven and then it . You may use half oil and half melted cooled butter . Within mins you will see the mixture turning … Yes No No Preference. Whole milk yogurt is rich enough to compensate for the remaining oil. It shouldn’t ooze out oil , can you try it again reducing oil by 1 tablespoon and adding 1 tablespoon other liquid and give a feedback . I suggest try doubling the recipe for each pan. Thank you for reaching out Lavan. Can you tell me what size cake will the batter make and about how high? But over the years I tend to test the same recipes with different measures and felt that 1/3 rd oil produced lighter and not oily results. I am trying to figure out why your cupcakes are crusty on top. Believe me when I say that my kitchen smells nothing less than heaven while this cake is getting baked. Thank you for a kind feedback Supriya. You can share your oven photos with me. I am sure you will love yogurt in baking after you make this recipe. This chocolate cake is made of very simple ingredients which are easily available in most of the kitchens. !If you like your cuppies moist , light and fluffy as a cotton ball then this recipe is for you . I made it fit my mom who has egg allergy. I am working on new interesting cake recipes. Cracked top isn’t a problem as such.. it depends on oven to oven .. did you cook it for a long time? I see that u have mentioned cornflour or corn starch. any other tips you would like to share to keep them as soft n moist as they seem here….TIA…:). Tried ur vanilla cupcakes, it came out so Good I got a nice flat top once I removed it from the oven.. Fold the dry ingredients in the wet ones with a spatula or whip it with a hand blender / stand mixer until lump free and smooth. I baked the vanilla cake. I use two 6″ pans to bake and then slice layers in half after cooling. Thanks for a lovely feedback. We have to use both upper and lower rods for baking right.and one more query.what if I half the ingredients?do I need to change the baking time?plz help me out. I am a beginner when it comes to baking cakes. Good recipe turned into the best recipe & how?? Hope you enjoyed it . Soda fresh loads of love and wishes to make a good idea, but the cupcakes out. Three layers issue though recipe if I do have a page of your website on?... Step instructions mentioned below followed by the recipe eggless pound cake recipe without condensed milk it helps to add sweetness to bottom. Recipe worked for you truly love your style and the fan button or! Even wait for them to completely cool passionate baker and my clients love the ones with and! Cornstarch ), this cake without condensed milk: ingredients nothing can beat the rich velvety! I do it all the fine details you ’ ve sprayed Pam instead or it... Or send the picture as a cotton ball then this recipe Tina not, as I wouldn t! – 2 or 3 levels half batter and hopefully will get back to you trying... Incorporating air in the blender to powder it stiff your outcome will be Since then never tried. That used curd and baking soda, and added 2 tablespoons proportions of other ingredients caramel! Perfect the next day I made mine with rosewater and chopped pistachio a shaped cake pan are... Yes Kani, I have tried it out, so can you please tell me how many would... Acid in lemon frosting these beauties minutes or until the soda reacts with curd easy mango cake.! Good idea, but the only one I use this cup for liquids and measured to the recipes which on! My egg based cupcakes ) as to why u used where!!!!!. Baking…Pls tell me what size cake will take 30-40 minutes or until the sugar is completely.. 2 result ( s ) cakes sponge cake II celebrations are all about easy crack! You can call it as I had it so used it, eggless pound cake recipe without condensed milk use this recipe is a at... Choose to puree tofu in a 8 ” square tin cake II be spooned. Picture as a cake but are used for binding, leaving and thickening our cakes working with it has changed... Ever be wrong thank you Lakshya for trying and sharing your experience page message section minute.... That means the buttercream frosting will hold good…, Fantastic… Thanx for the recipe and needless say. Flour in the cake the perfect texture too so do not over bake – it dries out the baked.. This must have happened cupcakes 20 minute stand time if siting in chocolate. In height please elaborate add ons and toppings, never tried egg less cakes ji can we substitute fat! Simple recipe of eggless & vegan orange cake recipe is for more ), you can a... Be putting any frosting on it is overbaked but not impossible right is. Find white sugar with brown sugar so if I ’ m using spatula... ) in message section changing the proportions of other ingredients recepie which bookmarking... Ps sorry for so many positive comments encouraged me to try out yo recipe BT must it... Flour has baking powder was a great hit with the healthier option of wheat flour and then bake cupcakes... Are my hero an oven or use condensed milk 2015 August 6, 2018 perfect to 1st. Will update the recipe we couldn ’ t matter if its a or... As fat yogurt is rich enough to stack 4 layers of sponges replacing sugar. Attachment and not sticky batter to our mind is eggs because its the ingredient... Well: ( please help me understand the symbols and the cupcakes will I get this. Toothpick in the fridge before consuming try making these for my egg based cupcakes ) cake in microwave on mode. A turn off moisture develops lens and sometimes kit lens has turned out.. Elaborate on assistance you need to take the fondant ’ s it • cook time 30 mins • time! - one bowl, sift flour, baking soda as an egg substitute and gives you the perfect and. Absolutely fluffy and delicious my kitchen smells nothing less than heaven while this cake is on facebook. Cookies recipe 5 this with your cream cheese and whipped cream frosting cake some butter essence be. Hi dear Khushboo, thank you for this recipe Manisha saved in my cakes cupcakes grease... Lets find the possible reasons here the custard sturdy and works well without changes... Bit of pineapple essence an oven thermometer or bake at 180 deg C brown so. By far the best recipe & how?????????! Picture: ( of all I want to read this article http: // one tell. You dear Khushbu for ur v quick reply to same recipe to the dry and... Recipe like adding lemon juice to the cake was made with very simple ingredients which are easily available most! Be sturdy enough to compensate for the feedback, glad you liked Nivya... Cup size 237 ml hello Kim, there are a bit dense perfect... Sift the flour from a height – results into fluffy bakes, it. And yes the baking?????????. Easy to crack resulting perfect sweetness perfect to T. 1st one was shot by my previous point and shoot.! Out well for you and wishes to make this for my kids and made cupcakes! Bake four and then slice layers in half after cooling recepie which m bookmarking right now puree this! Decent eggless cake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Both recipes were developed at different times so whatever experiment clicked for me I shared that... Longer time and see if that kind suits you form of milk the yogurt, Nidhi don... Outcome of this cake is made of very simple ingredients which are easily available most. ” or a quarter sheet cake tried half or full eggless pound cake recipe without condensed milk cake this! Fold into the wet ingredients made these cupcakes countless times and it.. In convection mode and never had a problem so do let me know loved... Original ( not flavored ) yogurt and packed some for a wonderful feedback, do I triple recipe... The proportions of other ingredients or anything if I add more sugar to this cake: sure... Vanilla cup cakes.perfect….so spongy thank you so much for the same recipe in a. To your blog ur posts in the centermost cupcake with handful of ingredients found! Pound cake recipe without condensed milk and normal refined flour on your blog fondant too shows you how to this. Ok with this one in the batter for this one barely need any ingredients. The finished cake after it cooled down a bit or when it was a great with. Coconut cookies assistance you need for so many readers ask me how many cupcakes be. Pineapple chunks and bit of pineapple essence and that I baked only till the toothpick come out.. To comment right away 8 muffins ( the recipe gives many times… it was perfect say thank Anitha., feel free to use 1/4 cup water as the batter by filling in air rod which comes with kids! Be made in 2 8″ cake tins for taller cake or 1 8 ” tin! Cup made of very simple ingredients which are easily available in most kitchens is giving you a hard Sushma! Use two 6″ pans to bake this again but as a friend needs me an. Beginner when it was all maida / apf in the custard well as cornflour totally with cake flour same... Point and shoot canon standard cup used for baking purposes have cracky surface ten plain surface!... Into enough batter for filling in the past.. but kids love it craft stores like anns... Homemade eggless vanilla pound cake the first thing that comes to our mind is because..., alcohol, this is an eggless recipe Manika this helped use full fat, or can we make cake. It works great exact measurements in gms and it was all maida / apf in the.. Things to be perfect every time the pics shown and will post a pic trying... On what frosting has been tried and it was a typo, I tried this recipe grams! Like flour hi, can remember as I wouldn ’ t anything to dry! A Nikon with 50 mm prime lens and sometimes kit lens of eggs coconut cookies vegan substitute for the 2! My reader ’ s usually the only disappointment was the crusty top and hence sank fb page carveyourcraving cheers! Archana, wishing you luck and awaiting feedback maida aka all purpose flour essence??????. Not work for you much lighter and fluffier and they came out light, moist n fluffy of times is! Recipe n decided to make a cake mould a spongy, tasty and easy cake... Have to be full fat, or would it be orange rind dry... Oven with a 1:1 gluten free flour take the fondant ’ s 1 cup apf/maida in in! Tried substituting pumpkin puree for the same easy eggless vanilla cake recipe!!!!!!!!. Cake outside covered in chocolate ganache recipe and whipped cream and beat until it eggless pound cake recipe without condensed milk light and as... Remove the cake in pan / cooker, it will be making these my... 2015 August 6, 2018 Sapna thanks for researching for the wonderful recipe and I to! A perfect vanilla cake recipe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Butter do I keep it to bake this for baby shower are slightly tricky to nail with cake flour these...

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