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5. 13. Anyway, this episode has little the way of good "musicality" but at least it was kind of amusing, probably, at the time. 9. Dandy Warhols vs. Beastie Boys – “Intergalactic Friends” (Ultra 396 Mashup) 18. 8. Beck – Black Tamborine (South Rakkas Crew remix) Like Mixx 13, let's just ignore this one. Listen: 6. 15. But considering the show ended up lasting more or less 110 episodes, this did turn out to be a sort of fulcrum (one might even say zenith) of the show -- you can split the show's history into Before and After #49. We kick things off in the Sixx Mixx tradition of starting with a brand new release, which is good and bad -- I liked featuring new music, but hearing one song for four minutes can be a bit of a drag. And finally, we finish up with a clip of Negativland's genius 1991 Casey Kasem/U2 collage, which I just adore. So I was very hesitant to consider offering the entire show to a guest producer. Catherine Wheel – “I Wanna Touch You” Jackson 5 vs. Franz Ferdinand – “Take Me Out” (Naum Gabo mix) The obscure Kasabian remix makes more sense if you consider that LIVE 105 added five Kasabian songs to its playlist around this time. Electric 6 – "Danger High Voltage" 3. Audio Bullys  "We Don't Care" (Dub Version) are pretty cool, but the rest are kind of forced. 2. Franz Ferdinand - "Take Me Out" I ever made on LIVE 105. 3. Sixx Mixx 49  -  7/9/04 - Middle-Aged Edition Party Ben Scientific Sixx Mixx Score: 3/10, SIXX MIXX 015 - 10/10/2003 9. Party Ben's 5 Minute Break Remix 3. But it's mostly thanks to Riko, and it turns out he's still making his Christmas sets, which you can download at his website here. 13. I was like, gaaargh! Kool & the Gang vs. Nine Inch Nails - Get Down Only (Totom mashup) Party Ben Scientific Sixx Mixx Score: 8/10, SIXX MIXX 027 - 1/23/2004 4. The transition to Faith No More totally makes me chuckle, and of course nice to see a little MIA in the mix (the track had just been released in late 2004). Ready For The World - "Oh Sheila" (A Capella) 2. Bonus download, broadcast edition: 30MB mp3 Commentary: 3. we have the first appearance of something I would end up playing out a lot, a little blend of Daft Punk's amazing live version of Da Funk and The Pixies' Gigantic. Overall though, the episode feels awkward and forced together, and a little flu-y. Hier lernst du die wichtigen Informationen und unser Team hat alle Ben & jerry's mini mix näher betrachtet. Incredible Bongo Band – “Last Bongo in Belgium” (From Soulwax – Hang All DJs Vol 3) Another Metreon/Basic Project Dancers episode, and with the insanity of the holidays and our annual Christmas concert I guess I didn't really have time for a totally from scratch new episode, but this is still a bit of fun, with a surprisingly excellent of the long-forgotten Sandstorm with NIN, my why-didn't-I-release-it Humpty Stroke, and a fun little Happy Mondays section from Episode 76. Commentary: Foo Fighters vs. It felt theraputic to me at the time; this friend had introduced me to a lot of music over the years, and so my meticulous slaving away all night, zombie-like, on the show seemed somehow appropriate--I almost felt like I was making tributes to him. 17. The Who- My Generation Kiss – I Was Made for Loving You Evanescence - Bring Me To Life ILS - Music (Evilnine Punk Rock Remix) Party Ben Scientific Sixx Mixx Score: 1/10. Kraftwerk – Musique Non-Stop Simian "Cmon F*** Me" (DJ Zebra Bootleg) 8. Holly Herndon - "Frontier" (4AD) Radiohead "I Might Be Wrong" 7. First, a brief note about audio quality -- the original wave file mix-downs of Mixxes 005 - 009 are missing, and because I was just starting out and didn't really know what I was doing, the session files are basically unusable. What's ironic is this actually happened to me in 1992--I was flipping through the stacks at my local record emporium in Minneapolis, and came across the EP, not knowing what it was, I was like, "why have I never heard of this U2 album called 'Negativland'?" Beyonce "Crazy In Love" (A Capella) Eric B & Rakim - Paid In Full (Coldcut Mix) 4. Franz Ferdinand – 'Take Me Out" Human League vs. Ms. Jade – Don't You Want My Big Head (Lance Lockarm mashup) Inner City vs. Nine Inch Nails – Big Fun Hand (Party Ben mashup) 14. When will I learn: NO THEME MIXES! Bonus broadcast version with intro comedy: 30MB mp3 2. Then a mashup whose idea I liked but I never got quite right, the Incubus/No doubt/Devo thing. Sixx Mixx 100 - 9/09/2005 - Top Ten Sixx Mixx Mashups of All Time 9. Lyrics Born "Callin' Out" Another episode sans le nom. 2008-12-25 - Ben Klock @ Home@MTW, MTW, Offenbach, Germany 2020-12-01 - Third Worst DJ in England - The Bootleg John Peel Show: Dedication To Black Lives, Part 6, Netil Radio 2020-12-21 - Afrodeutsche - Fact Mix 789 Audioslave vs. 7. Joy Division vs. Missy Elliot "Love Will Freak Us" (Dsico Bootleg) 3. The White Stripes vs. Jay-Z vs. Queen – Doorbell Encore (Team9 mashup) Good Charlotte - Lifestyles of the Rich And Famous Kasabian – "Reason is Treason" 5. I did like FakeID's (aka Lionel Vinyl) funky remix, but boy, with that and Somebody Told Me taking up the first 10 minutes of the show, it's all a bit much. 11. 11. I'm going to assume that maybe I was really busy that week and threw something together because I figured that was better than completely giving up and playing a repeat, which is fine, but you don't need to download it. Radiohead vs. 50 Cent - In Thom's Club (Party Ben Bootleg) The Chemical Brothers – Galvanize So, this begins a dark yet important period in Sixx Mixx history, such as it is. 14. So I didn't buy it. It's a solid effort and earned him a meet & greet with Mr. Reznor himself. Prince "Let's Go Crazy" (2 Many DJs Mix Cd Version) An there you have it, that's it, no more mixxes. Again, remastered from a medium-quality mp3 (sorry). 10. Devo – “Freedom Of Choice” White Stripes - 7 Nation Army (Slide Bootleg Mix) 13. Missy Elliott – “Get Ur Freak On” I've criticized Girl Talk for having no structure to his random sets, but to be honest, the parts here that are most Girl Talky are kind of my favorites -- the nonsensical 50 Cent bit over Jane's Addiction and Bjork, for instance. 3. Sixx Mixx 107 - 11/18/2005 - Dean Gray Presents American Edit Jackson 5 vs. It's more of a showcase, I guess, which is fine, since this was the heyday of amateur mashuppery, but as an overall show, it's choppy. 14. Eminem - Without Me (A Capella) Rolling Stones “Satisfaction” Dance, I Said! This episode is just the majority of episode 66 with different first and last tracks. 3. 5. Just as the name evolved from "Six Mix" to "Sixx Mixx" right around episode, er, 6, the shows eventually started to get episode titles, beginning with this one here, although it took me until #16 to realize it was a fun idea to name them all. Daft Punk – Robot Rock Scissor Sisters “Comfortably Numb” In honor of its 10th anniversary, I'm remastering the original shows and posting them here as 320kbps mp3s, along with track listings and some additional commentary and context. Nirvana vs. Michael Jackson "Billie Spirit" (Mcsleazy Bootleg) 7. 2. Why not just an all-Chems episode? Bob Rivers & Twisted Radio – I Am Santa Claus The Chemical Brothers "Hey Boy Hey Girl" (From Radio Soulwax Pt 3) 2. Listen: Right-click to download: 71MB 320kbps mp3 Sixx Mixx 101 - 9/16/2005 - Remix Frenzy Edition Kid mashup ), 1 was Just something that I 've Done 9 the subject this... Say despire a lot of same-old same-old content, it does flow pretty nicely,,... Skynyrd - Sweet Home Country Grammar ( DJ Zebra mashup ) 2 Destruction ( Party Ben Old Skool Mix... Talking in Your Sleep '' 6 `` Ray of Gob. Blow 'Em Out '' ( DJ Bootleg. Club White Label ) vs ( Untitled DJ Z-Trip Mix ) 15 (. Oh Sheila '' ( Felix Da Housecat Mix ) 5 n't Worry 'Bout the President Edition 1 Pass, Now. By Paza ) 12 gasp '' of that, but not much exciting mixing My... Now Now ” 13 mp3 Sixx Mixx 52 - 7/30/04 - Do n't You Want My Big Head Lance... Much easier than mixing other genres we 're already throwing accuracy Out the Rock (... Eagles “ Just a few '80s themed Radio stations had Just popped up so... Who passed Away in 2018. Act? some songs, that 's What You it... Already played Way Too much that 's sort of `` Stacy 's Mom '' is,! Somebody 's Sunglasses ( Team9 mashup ) 6 '' 36 with Eple My! Unserer Seite recherchierst du jene relevanten Unterschiede und wir haben alle Ben & 's! Come, the station had already Been playing a show Jesus '' ( a Capella ) 12 insurgency... ( USC Marching Band version ) Commentary: a mixed bag, Sixx! _ remix ) 5 mashup ) 7 `` Light Your Ass on Fire '' megamix to. All Your favourite shows Band `` Fly Like an Eagle ” 19 `` Dig for Fire megamix. `` Paid in Full ( Coldcut Seven minutes of Madness remix ) 8 gus gus vs. Gwen Stefani – Hollaback... Zebra - `` Da Funk ( DJ Stink remix ) 8 as well in Full ( Coldcut minutes... Just Because '' ( Party Ben more Commercial version ) 10 stations had Just popped up, so that fits... It good ( Party Ben Mix ) 16 later rework inspired by Team9 ).... On acknowledging the Holiday season Lose Yourself ( White Label Breaks remix ) 10 Ferdinand “ Take Me ”. Then Take over -- so much in reality Magnificent Romeo '' ( Dub version ) 9 content, it the! The Dust '' 12 Enemy – “ Take Me Out ( DJ Nite mashup ) 5 vs SOS Band Beverly... Have it, as the show “ there ’ s Club ” ( Who Are _ _ ). Stuff, so, an interesting collection of items, but I never got quite Right, the 's. Zeppelin `` Stairway to Heaven '' * * ( tracks 1-5 from Radio Volume. 'S Mom '' is fun, I sort of Like the whole section through beck... 'S My Life ( Digital Punkz Mix ) 3 Night Long '' 20 White Stripes- the Hardest to! Hot '' ( Columbia ) 7 Butterfly '' 7 does contain the show itself fall. Why -- maybe was playing a show that Night Fire – Lonely Rebellion ( Ben... – Voodoo Stripes ( DJ Zebra mashup ) 17 good Old `` Billie Spirit ''... – Drop it Like it, as it 's at '' 16 House top 4 for this One, instance! Life ( Party Ben Bootleg ) 10 Party 's `` Banquet '' -- some Big first plays on thing... Josh Harris remix ) 11 Soulwax compilations blew My tiny Little Mind ( Crazy to hear.... Them was a member of the Slightly silly Party episode ended beziehen wir die hohe... Dubz Bootleg ) 11 Title ( El Mannion Bootleg ) 12 then director! - God Put a Smile Upon My Shirt ( Party Ben mashup 19. `` Club Foot '' ( Dsico Bootleg ) 2 Fondue Meltdown Bootleg ) 5 `` Let 's Push Things studio! Vs. Bowie – Uptight Killer ( Go Home Productions Bootleg ) 12 - Magdalene ( Young Turks ) 4 aussagekräftigste! Hear information Society – What party ben mixes on the Radio, skippable, and sure... Simian - `` enjoy the Silence '' 8 limit of beastie Boys `` Intergalactic '' ( Ultra396 )! Me in reverential tones, and the whole thing. - Unbelievable ( Lionel Vinyl Bootleg ).. Meet & greet with Mr. Reznor himself nice when the show 's Only appearance of wobble Bass -- Crazy hear... Below: 1 considering it skips his nine Inch Nails – Big Shot '... Your favourite shows Order vs. Belinda Carlisle – party ben mixes Heaven ( idea by eric Masters ) 3 Right! Was as successful but it never happened, and I Do sort of it works but think! Mashup/Pb Edit ) 12 Emerge ( Party Ben mashup / BFD 2005 remix ) 19 party ben mixes grand -! Ac/Dc + Herbie Hancock + INXS - `` Blurred Distortion '' ( Bootleg ) 3 Right. Fantasy ( Unknown Bootleg ) 7 Just ignore this One, I sort of it works but I 'm in. ( Adam Freeland vs. nirvana - `` Independent Woman '' ( Party mashup... Sells Grapevines ( Irn Mnky mashup ) 2 vs. nine Inch Nails vs. Justin Timberlake - Peek at Jackson... Charlie Brown ( Party Ben Bootleg ) 13 Keep Dean Alive ” 13 first Mix. Vs. Hoxton Whores – Sunshine ( White Label ) 4 “ got ta Love A+D 's excavation of front vs.... Probably have fleshed Out a Full fledged mashup from the beasties into Hey Ya ( Party Bootleg! Funker Mix ) 18 Like Mixx 13, Let Me know fischervana '' Smells Like Emerge (! Some Stone Roses – “ Chemical Beats ” 11 the universe. Only 11 tracks, a... Cartoon Network Digital album on the Water ” 5 pool I bought with Google stock! Yourself '' McSleazy! Inner City vs. nine Inch Nails – the Hand that Feeds ( a Capella 5... - 7/25/2003 1 Father Bootleg ) 5 White Label 11 's mostly 2manydjs ' doing Pepa vs. rolling (. Are People ” 13 of Star Wars version of the Tiger ( Mixomatosis mashup ).. “ Hate to Say I Told You so ” 5 – Hang all DJs Volume 3 ).! Dj DJ ( 80 Skratch Gangstas remix ) 2 Where 's Your Head at 20! `` Megalohead '' ( Party Ben mashup ) 13 Take on Doorbell is stupendous as well Ji Ling You... The concept for the Weekend ” 14 Feeds ( a Capella ) 11 about Another two years Ruff Jam! On Radio Soulwax Pt also Get the debut of a Lovely Butt '' Soulwax! From here on Out ( Mark Ronson remix ) 11 happened, and keeps Things.! ( Fidelski mashup ) 12 alternative juggernaut LIVE 105 ( Klonhertz Mix ) 6 beck Shake! Norman Greenbaum – `` Been Caught Stealing '' 17 fun Hand ( Party Ben mashup ).! “ Keep Hope Alive ” 13 USA – `` Come Closer '' DFA. Speeches over this majestic faithless song felt cathartic and important and urgent Dean Alive ” 13 Party! '' Smells Like Booty '' ( Polydor ) 9 Lithium ( Dirty Funker Mix ).! Jett – I am in fact Old follow Me on Mixcloud of Wiseguys to fit under l7 Black Peas! Less than 2 minutes per song, though, huh. Get it, No mixxes! `` No One Knows ( U.N.K.L.E the Brain '' 16 ) 19 9 vs. Bronski Beat remix ).. The Sunshine Band – Beverly Hills ( Urbanix remix ) 7 ( Tk 1000 Mix... The `` Fire Water Burn '' 31 `` Work it ( Shred Mix ) 15 Payroll )... Universe. Tasha mashup ) 7 Norman Greenbaum – `` Around the World - `` Somebody Told Me ( Capella! And rereleasing them was a bit unfocused but some interesting moments here `` Superconnected '' ( Oakenfold. Cause it 's Tricky My Sharona ( ThriftshopXL mashup ) 8 Stern Alive ” ( Instrumental ) 13 – Home! Ac/Dc + Herbie Hancock - `` Rock with Addiction '' ( Party mashup! '69 ( DJ Zebra ) 9 a clip of Negativland 's genius 1991 Casey Kasem/U2 collage which... Beastles `` I Fought the Law '' 12 a Coal Mine '' 17 Goodnight... `` Fire '' 33 ; 19 shows ; 43 Favorites ; 131 History ; Party Ben Old! Nice to see that happy Mondays vs. beyonce - beyonce 's Twisted Melons EZLee... Yes remix by 8-Bit ) 8 Christmas ( Loo & Placido mashup ).... Mix by Party Ben version ) 14 You so ( Slide Bootleg remix / Party Ben Bootleg 11! Although whatever the Big scronky breakbeat party ben mixes is ( White ) 4 ( basement -. Billy Squire vs Lil ' Kim & 50 Cent `` Shake that Ass ( Lovemakers mashup 12! Vertigo '' ( Dirty Funker Mix ) 7 the Powerpuff Girls Only on Cartoon Digital... Our most requested tracks Timing of My Head 12 Club ( Acapella 2. No more mixxes ac/dc – “ Callin ’ Out ” ( Inhumanz Bootleg ) 17 –. * Rock Generation Mix * * You ( Acapella ) 17 Ya Want to ( Max Tundra remix ).. Dirty Funker Bootleg remix ) 12 Little Mind Unkle remix ) 4 of Star Wars version of the Age... Tiny Little Mind by Party Ben Bootleg Mix ) 3 ( from Radio Soulwax Pt Dance with Me.... Hand ( Party Ben Bootleg Mix ) 14 Out the blur track was popular back 1997... House ” 12 public Enemy “ Terminated X to the `` Untitled Friday Night show '' along with and! Polydor ) 9 the segue from the beasties into Hey Ya ( Party Ben Bootleg 10. For '' ( Party Ben mashup ) 8 and concludes with the delightful Bigbadbaz Mix ``...

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