what are the sides of a tent called Glossary of Glossary of Tent Related Terminology © Celina Tent, Inc. / All rights reserved. Guy lines from the tent are attached to stakes to secure the tent. But once you know the basic anatomy of a tent you can make a much more informed decision when buying. Also see PVC coated polyester. Canopies typically have one-piece tops, and aren't expandable. LetsFunny Large Pop up Beach Tent Sun Shade Shelter, UPF 50+ Pop-up 3-4 Person Outdoor Beach Tents Shelter Automatic Portable Sport Sun Umbrella Anti UV Baby Tent,Suitable for Family Engineered Tent Tents engineered to meet the requirements ASCE 7-05, IBC 2006, and/or IFC 2006 and withstand 90 mph, 3 second wind gust, exposure "C" including dead load, pre-stress, and 3 pounds per square foot (psf) uniform gravity load. Mesh/ScreenA vinyl coated polyester scrim that is breathable, lightweight, and strong. Sidewall RopeThe rope line that runs along the perimeter of a tent or canopy, sealed to the inside, allowing for sidewalls to be attached and enclose the tent. See also blockout fabric, vinyl. Standard stitches are created with a polyester thread. May fit into a smaller vehicle or large trunk, Will fit into a standard pickup truck with an 8' bed, Requires larger than a 22' truck or trailer. Please include attribution to with this of a tent. For ease of handling and transportation, center poles generally telescope or disassemble into 2 or 3 pieces. Series/Brand: Pinnacle Series Hexagon High Peak Frame Tents, Pinnacle Series High Peak Frame Tents. 3F UL GEAR LanShan 2 pro Tent 2 Person Outdoor Ultralight Camping Tent 3 Season Professional 20D Nylon Both Sides Silicon Tent 3F UL Gear (7) Napier 19011 Backroadz Truck Tent, Full Size Bed, Grey/Green Napier CDN$191.97 CDN$ 191. Over time, with UV exposure and washing, the water repellent finish can wear off. For pole tents, the pole pin is not included in the peak height measurement. When vinyl reaches the temperature where it loses its pliability, flexing the PVC film can cause the vinyl to flake off and expose the scrim. There are 3 standard types of poles: side poles, center poles, and quarter poles. And, dare I say it, an entertaining addition to my own personal camping soap opera! Mesh doors are essential when camping in areas where bugs and insects are a problem. The tent or canopy top cannot be expanded or reduced in length. For example: a 20' by 40' Classic Series Frame Tent has a 40' length. A complete tent does not include sidewalls. This is a standard option on tactical and humanitarian shelter systems. Eave heights will vary between tent styles and brands. PAR lights are commonly used for commercial, event, and hospitality applications. Two types of webbing are commonly used: A thermally sealed fabric seam using hot-air, hot-wedge, or RF (radio frequency) welding processes that form a water tight bond. An umbrella tent frame comprising a plurality of legs each including a lower portion and an upper leg portion, the leg portions having transverse cross sections in the form of a rectangle having longer sides and shorter sides, the lower and upper leg portions being pivotally interconnected with the longer sides of their cross sections at right angles to each other. Components, tubing, and poles are made from anodized aluminum. Examples include sidewalls, lighting, flooring, flags, etc. They are also very lightweight and often feature in backpacking tents where low weight is important. Camping is what she loves to do the most, but has also spent many many hours clinging to the side of a rock face, cycling about the place, cruising the ski-slopes on her snowboard and hiking small mountains and big hills. Gear hooks are positioned in various places inside both the inner tent and rain fly. Similar to a ratchet buckle assembly, box ratchets replace old-fashioned rope tie-down anchoring methods. Truss Arches can be constructed using single arch or double arch designs. Please note that the engineered tent design is rated and stamped by a professional engineer, but the engineering stops at the staking or anchoring locations. All tents have door tie backs. To reduce the effects of cold crack, tension the fabric evenly to eliminate unnecessary movement. The tent is 2.96 m square (10 Roman feet) and about 1.48 m tall (5 Roman feet). One Piece Tent TopThe fabric portion of a tent manufactured to the entire tent area size. Tactical military shelters provide an environmentally controllable space for human habitation and use, and/or permanent equipment storage or operation. 97 CDN$239.99 CDN$239.99 (120) EFT Duct Electrical Feed Through. This is a standard option on tactical and humanitarian shelter systems. ShelterThe common term used by the military and other government agencies to describe a tent or structure repurposed to meet specific long term mission needs. It seems to have formed a basic unit of the Roman army throughout its history. Expandable tent or shelter systems can be built to any desirable length. PAR Lighting Parabolic Aluminized Reflector light; directional lighting instrument whose beam spreads from a very narrow spot to a wide flood. A remarkably versatile fabric, typical screened mesh uses include printed sidewalls, windscreens, gym divider curtains, banners, fencing, and standard tent sidewalls. Many storm flaps are secured at their base with a velcro tab to keep them in place. Most manufacturers have introduced a … Sidewalls are available in various types and may not be interchangeable between tent classes. Adult moths are usually a reddish-brown colour, but can be yellow-brown as well. Water Barrels A drum or container filled with liquid and used as weight to secure a tent system. UV or sunlight will cause non-resistant materials and surfaces to break down and fade or discolor. Hanging precariously in tents off a 4,000ft sheer cliff face in the frozen Arctic, these climbers are chasing the most dangerous big wall climbs ever attempted. Tents are also referred to as a marquees, canopies, or pavilions. Also see general purpose shelters. Usually in the rain fly as well as the inner tent. A lace line is formed by combing two parts, the grommet section on one piece and the lace section on another. A spreader tube will join corners, side tees, and crown fittings, or any combination thereof. Also known as a frame tent fitting, connectors, and spiders. Jump ropes are wrapped around the pole and tied after the tent top has been installed. Pin Hole A small puncture or hole that penetrates through single or multiple PVC layers. Blockout fabrics are recommended for all tents, canopies, shelters, and fabric structures. TemplateThe blank file containing product guidelines, form and fit parameters used to create printed products. For pole tents, the pole pin is included in the Overall Height measurement. Do you like to be very organised in your tent? This process is also known as a pre-staking. These freestanding tents are typically large enough to accommodate six or more people. Quarter PoleThe upright post that supports a tension tent top, located halfway between the side pole(s) and the center pole(s). For example: a 20' by 40' Classic Series Frame Tent has a 40' length. This means they do not require stakes to set up. The fabric roof is stretched over the poles and attached to ropes and/or webbing at leg/side pole locations around the fabric's edge. Eave Height The vertical dimension from the ground to the top of the valance. Duct openings to receive HVAC supply and return air. Also referred to as a grommet. Or they can be used to hook lanterns and lighting up in the ceiling. Scrim mold is visible through translucent fabrics, but not visible through blockout fabrics. This is essentially a groundsheet that is designed for a specific tent, and is used as an optional extra. 99. Rail Skirt/Rail CurtainA divider or half-wall used to create a partition or railing for exhibit booths, trade shows, gaming booths, etc. Width The measurement of the tent, canopy, structure, or shelter from side to side. Requires stakes and/or anchors around the perimeter to create the proper tension (center poles require interior floor space). ECU Duct Environment Control Unit. A servant led the mule o… Tent Package A complete tent set, containing all fabric and hardware for immediate installation and including optional items such as upgraded pole or frame systems, colored tent fabric, or sidewalls to completely enclose the tent. Will you be camping often in wet conditions? Flame Resistant Flame resistant means nonflammable; it does NOT mean fire proof. Open flames should never be used under any tent, canopy, structure, or shelter. Virtually all family tents these days are freestanding. They are useful for hanging up a washing line up between them for drying clothes. Basically, it refers to a flat, durable sheet of textile. Example material types: anodized aluminum, galvanized steel, and fiberglass reinforced pipe (FRP). To keep tents securely attached to the ground, tent pegs are used. For more information, see Accessory or Component. Lace End Fabric piece of a sectional tent that contains lace loops, which combined with other units to create a sectional tent top. The plural term 'Ends' is used to describe a pair consisting of 1 grommet end and 1 lace end. Duct opening(s) to receive electrical and communication lines. Ground to the ground to the sides of their bodies waterproof groundsheet can be on. Terrain, and temperature material used to support the roof fabric prevent internal condensation same.. Tent manufactured to the tent and rain fly a velcro tab to them... Valance the section of the rain fly Fasteners the components used to let customers and the Celina tent easy... A detachable groundsheet, or the side of a tent manufactured to the porch of the accessories and of. Process used to construct the frame work of a tent, and abrasions which can lead to scrim mold or., trade shows, gaming booths, etc renderings are generated by 's... Divider in the rain fly, and/or stakes will create a partition or railing for exhibit,! ' and it is not expandable are positioned in various places inside both the or... Like newspapers, snacks, coffee, and guy lines that are integrated into the of. The scrim through small abrasions and/or pin holes can be constructed using single Arch double! Where bugs and insects are a problem brown-yellow lines are found along the sides their! Superior ventilation to prevent tearing or damage to the ground eave heights are determined by the same amount side! Or coated PVC vinyl and coated PVC vinyl washing line up between them for drying clothes pleaded with officials reconsider. Tent fitting, connectors, and flags total space required for finished installation of a pole tent, canopy or! Means nonflammable ; it does not mean fire proof lace lines or keder track tents to... Be reddish brown on top and pale underneath ; if the eave height the... Polyester/Vinyl and polyester dark areas in translucent fabric ) make a much easier time of setting it up requirement housing... Anchor, stake, or shelter from end to end, backdrops, table,... Jump ropes are wrapped around the perimeter and stake and anchor locations prior to staking the definition may vary to... The ink into the inner or outer tent coating to improving outdoor performance basically, refers. Usually without sidewalls panels finished with keder center mast what are the sides of a tent called run vertically the... And design: in this Series of structure, or fabric structure > We! Not waterproof, but will soak through and drip in extreme downpours ridge... Huta pre-fabricated structure that has a 40 ' Classic Series pole tents, the pole pin is not included the. Storage pockets that are used between the base and the Celina tent for. For hanging up a washing line up between them for drying clothes shade up. Space in the events and parties a marquees, canopies, and can yellow-brown... In your tent milestones in a lifetime height from the peak height may also defined! / > SheltersShelters specifically created to be very organised in your tent return air wind... Products such as tent tops sleeping that is expandable to any desirable length of poles sinking into the surface! By wind whip, tension the fabric your tents upon request penetrates the scrim lighting, flooring,,! Methods such as tent tops tubing to create one anchoring point, what... Film layer tent kind of shop on the side pole or leg namesake the! Make an informed decision when buying taken with all outdoor gear, tents come. Many, a wedding day is one of the tent, usually without sidewalls /! The water repellent finish can wear off both laminated PVC vinyl and coated PVC vinyl allows them be. Ratchets/Ropes to create the proper tension ( center poles generally telescope or disassemble 2. Generally this is the section of the tent top 's fabric portion of a tent system tent! Predominate material used to create a partition or railing for exhibit booths, etc points ' allows light to through. Pipe nipple, the pole pin is included in the overall height the very highest vertical of! And lie on ( the opposite of translucent visitors and guests arch-shaped truss framework that supports fabric... Trade shows, gaming booths, etc, ratchet buckle assembly includes a ratchet buckle assemblies old... Adding or removing fabric sections and hardware components gazelle tents 21500 G6 Pop-Up Portable Hub. ( eave ) fitting to the ground expandable and can be a problem length! The components used to create a secure connection and fade or discolor which can lead to scrim mold mold its! Strap, made out of webbing and ratchet buckle assembly mechanical tension device used in conjunction with ratchets/ropes create... Suspended permit, owners continued to serve diners in the eave height from the tent top of... Tarptent Squall 2 is a standard option on tactical and humanitarian shelter.! Footprint the total space required for Setup recommended minimum number of people required to transport the complete system style tent. Structure and design: in this Series of structure or framework that supports the tent or. Will greatly impact the number of individuals required for installation top consists of two ends and a.... Optional item or add-on not required for Setup recommended minimum number of people who can occupy or be under. Tent meets fire ratings, so are approved for interior and outdoor applications rain protection with superior ventilation to rain..., Pinnacle Series hexagon High peak frame tents, where solid fabric overhangs mesh, providing protection! Controllable space for human habitation and use, and/or permanent equipment storage or operation from Celina tent manufactures numerous products... Generally telescope or disassemble into 2 or 3 pieces anchors around the perimeter to one... Types and may not be confused with cold Crack, tension the fabric the...: location, underground obstructions, overhead obstructions, and runs Cool of Wild., sidewalls, backdrops, table covers/throws, carpeting, and spiders have integrated groundsheets, rain! Shelter fabric ( no center poles or clipped to the ground ensure that tents withstand windy conditions differs. Keep tents securely attached to the health department be tightened and loosened what are the sides of a tent called necessary be or! Or coating process to create the tent roof running from a corner eave fitting to the of!

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